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Blackbird Group - Wine Tasting Singapore

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Wine tastings are great opportunities to discover new, exciting wines. At our first official Blackbird Wine Tasting in Singapore in March 2019, we not only proudly presented our organic wine labels from the Priorat region in Spain, we also invited the wine maker Roger Grifoll Declara to let us in on the secret of winemaking. And he brought a surprise!

Supported by The Spiffy Dapper, the Blackbird Group introduced to the attending guests five out of eight wine labels from Grifoll Declara, a boutique, family-run winery in the renown Priorat region. Visiting from Spain, wine maker Roger Grifoll Declara also joined us and provided valuable insights on the wine production, the wine blends and history of the winery.

“I have been to many wine tastings, but this is one of the better ones: loved the location, loved the story, but most of all, loved the organic wines. Thank you for inviting me.” - A.F. from Canada

Blackbird Group introduces organic wines from family-owned winery in Priorat region

Our event started with an introduction of the Blackbird Group and its three founders, followed by some history about the Grifoll Declara winery, their wine-making process and philosophy. The Grifoll Declara winery is based on the three pillars of sustainability: social (people in the area need to benefit), organic (landscape cannot be altered) and economic (business needs to be profitable).

And then, finally, our guests got to taste the white wines: El Gos Blanc, followed by the unique Gran Predicat Blanc. The white wines were followed by the red wines, and it is fair to say that with every glass, the mood got better and conversations got louder!

The surprise: A fine red Vermouth, exclusively imported by Blackbird Group

The wine tasting ended with a surprise in the form of a glass of our own red Vermouth. Vermouth is a flavored wine created by various herbs and sugar (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices). It is best to be consumed on the rocks, with a slice of orange and some olives. While drinking Vermouth has become a major trend across Europe, its delightful taste is yet to be fully discovered in other parts of the world.

Stay tuned till we announce when we start importing the new Vermouth to Singapore – and we already look forward to our next Blackbird Wine Tasting!

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1 Comment

Yuri Ichimura
Yuri Ichimura
Apr 24, 2019

Thanks for the great time, Blackbird group! Loved the wines.

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