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The Winery - Grifoll Declara

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Dating back to 1880, the Grifoll family has been producing wine from their own vineyards at El Molar, a scenic little village that is less than two hours away from the Catalan metropolis Barcelona. As one of the few family-owned wineries in Priorat, the winery has been deeply rooted in the tradition of wine production and its innovative spirit keeps it alive.

The family feels connected to the nature and people in the region. They are committed to a sustainable way of production where pillars of sustainability are social (people in the area need to benefit), organic (landscape cannot be altered) and economic (business needs to be profitable). Every harvest season, the team works with locals to harvest the grapes with utmost care, making no use of modern machinery or pesticides.

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In 2001, the new cellar “Cellers Grifoll Declara” was founded to produce great organic wines under the designation of origin of Priorat (DOQ) and Priorat (Mountain Wines). The "Grifoll Declara Grup SL" sells their wines in 42 countries across the world and is represented by boutique wine distributors – such as us - in most of these countries.

Visit the winery here.

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